Brain Tumor Detection Using Wathershed Segmentation Techniques and Area Calculation

Meenakshi Pareek, CK Jha, Saurabh Mukherjee, Chandani Joshi


This paper primarily focuses on to employ a novel approach to classify the brain tumor and its area. The Tumor is an uncontrolled enlargement of tissues in any portion of the human body. Tumors are of several types and have some different characteristics. According to their characteristics some of them are avoidable and some are unavoidable. Brain tumor is serious and life threatening issues now days, because of today’s hectic lifestyle. Medical imaging play important role to diagnose brain tumor .In this study an automated system has been proposed to detect and calculate the area of tumor. For proposed system the experiment carried out with 150 T1 weighted MRI images. The edge based segmentation, watershed segmentation has applied for tumor, and watershed segmentation has used to extract abnormal cells from the normal cells to get the tumor identification of involved and noninvolved areas so that the radiologist differentiate the affected area. The experiment result shows tumor extraction and area of tumor find the weather it is benign and malignant.

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