Intelligent Information System for Suspicious Human Activity Detection in Day and Night

J L Mazher Iqbal, S. Arun


The detection of human beings in a camera attracts more attention because of its wide range of applications such as abnormal event detection, person counting in a dense crowd, person identification, fall detection for care to elderly people, etc. Over the time, various techniques have evolved to enhance the visual information. This article presents a novel 3-D intelligent information system for identifying abnormal human activity using background subtraction, rectification, morphology, neural networks and depth estimation with a thermal camera and a pair of hand held Universal Serial Bus (USB) camera to visualize un-calibrated images. The proposed system detects strongest points using Speed-Up Robust Features (SURF). The Sum of Absolute Difference (SAD) algorithm match the strongest points detected by SURF. 3-D object model and image stitching from image sequences are carried out in the proposed work. A series of images captured from different cameras are stitched into a geometrically consistent mosaic either horizontally/vertically based on the image acquisition. 3-D image and depth estimation of un-calibrated stereo images are acquired using rectification and disparity. The background is separated from the scene using threshold approach. Features are extracted using morphological operators in order to get the skeleton. Junction points and end points of the skeleton image are obtained from the skeleton. Data set of abnormal human activity is created using supervised learning such as neural network with a thermal camera and a pair of webcam. The feature vector of an activity is compared with already created data set, if a match occurs the classifier detects abnormal human activity. Additionally the proposed algorithm performs depth estimation to measure real time distance of objects dynamically. The system use thermal camera, Intel computing stick, converter, video graphics array (VGA) to high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) and webcams. The proposed novel intelligent information system gives 94% maximum accuracy and 89% minimum accuracy for different activities, thus it effectively detects suspicious activity during day and night.

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