True power loss reduction by augmented mine blast algorithm

Kanagasabai Lenin


In this paper, Mine Blast Algorithm (MBA) has been intermingled with Harmony Search (HS) algorithm for solving optimal reactive power dispatch problem. MBA is based on explosion of landmines and HS is based on Creativeness progression of musicians – both are hybridized to solve the problem.  In MBA Initial distance of shrapnel pieces are reduced gradually to allow the mine bombs search the probable global minimum location in order to amplify the global explore capability. Harmony search (HS) imitates the music creativity process where the musicians supervise their instruments’ pitch by searching for a best state of harmony. Hybridization of Mine Blast Algorithm with Harmony Search algorithm (MH) improves the search effectively in the solution space. Mine blast algorithm improves the exploration and harmony search algorithm augments the exploitation. At first the proposed algorithm starts with exploration & gradually it moves to the phase of exploitation. Proposed Hybridized Mine Blast Algorithm with Harmony Search algorithm (MH) has been tested on standard IEEE 14, 300 bus test systems. Real power loss has been reduced considerably by the proposed algorithm. Then Hybridized Mine Blast Algorithm with Harmony Search algorithm (MH) tested in IEEE 30, bus system (with considering voltage stability index)- real power loss minimization, voltage deviation minimization, and voltage stability index enhancement has been attained.

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