Service-aware LSP selection with fuzzy based packet scheduling scheme for non-real time traffics

Oba Zubair Mustapha, Muhammad Ali, Yim Fun Hu, Raed A. Abd-Alhameed


An essential solution is available in Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), which solve the problems faced by present-day networks: speed, scalability, quality-of-service (QoS) management, and traffic engineering. This paper is an extension of work on Fuzzy based Packet Scheduling Algorithm (FPSA) combined with Packets Processing Algorithm (PPA) in an Internet Protocol/Multi-Protocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) networks. This will make provision for an intelligent service to the Label Switched Path (LSP) in MPLS networks. Several research work have been proposed on the MPLS Traffic Engineering. However, it is still imperative to further research on the effect of bandwidth increment on the core network using different mechanisms such as the analytical model of MPLS, expert-based packet scheduling algorithm for MPLS QoS support. Since MPLS is not able to provide intelligent routing, it is necessary to propose an intelligent expert system of FPSA combined with PPA. And analytical model of packet forwarding in the MPLS network would be given to provide suitable solution to traffic congestion and reliable services. Furthermore, the network model created using Network Simulator (NS 2), which carries non-real time application such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP) with bandwidth variations. The results obtained from trace files are interpreted by AWK script and used for the further analysis.


Fuzzy logic control; Label switched path; Multi-protocol label switching; Packet scheduling algorithms; Traffic engineering

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