An internet of things-based irrigation and tank monitoring system

Tayo Dorcas Obasanya, Ilesanmi Banjo Oluwafemi, Oluwaseyi Olawale Bello, Taiwo Abdulazeez Lawal


Agriculture plays a significant role in the development of a nation and provides the main source of food production, income, and employment to nations. It was the most practiced occupation in Nigeria and this formed the backbone of the economy in the early 1960s before the discovery of crude oil, which has led to the derail of sufficient food production, exportation, and the agricultural economy at large. Over time, the dry season has always been challenging with little or no rainfall and there are no irrigation facilities that incorporate different saving practices to adapt to these climate changes on their own. In this paper, a cost-effective internet of things irrigation system that is capable of reducing water wastage, manual labor, monitoring tank water level and that can be controlled remotely is designed. The system integrated Arduino UNO with a soil moisture sensor, HCSR04 ultrasonic sensor, and ESP8266 Wi-Fi module that gives the system capable of being controlled remotely via the internet, thus achieving optimal irrigation using the internet of things (IoT). Some of the challenges facing the existing irrigation system are water wastage, poor performance, and high cost of implementation. The design system helps to control water supply to crops when it is needed, and also monitors soil moisture, temperature, and water tank level. After carrying out the experiments for 15 days, the system saved approximately 49% of the water used in traditional irrigation method. The system is useful in large farming areas to minimize human effort and reduce the cost of hiring personnel.


Arduino UNO; ESP8266 Wi-Fi module; HCSR04 sensor; Irrigation system; Soil moisture sensor

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