E-government implementation's impact on Saudi vision 2030 to become an international logistic center

Razan Alhujaili, Malak Albaqami, Omar Aboulola, Mashael Khayyat


This study examined the influence of electronic government (e-government) implementation for the Ministry of Transport on fulfilling Saudi vision 2030 by transforming the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) into a logistics center linking three continents. Saudi vision 2030 aims to cut transportation costs by improving infrastructure, shorten importing and exporting times by streamlining and automating operations, and increase supply chain transparency through sector reform. Implementing e-government would improve government services and engagement through information and communication technology (ICT). This article focuses on four primary areas: i) making KSA a logistics center; ii) increasing the chance of living throughout the Kingdom; and iii) promoting long-term financial sustainability. The study is founded on the idea that logistics is a crucial component for competitive advantage and transportation (by land, sea, or air) is a logistical sub-process for Saudi enterprises that benefit from transport networks similar to the best in the world. The Kingdom's strategic location at the junction of three continents gives its transport sector a geographical competitive advantage that provides access to important emerging markets and critical sea lanes. Despite the optimistic future of the transport and logistics industries in KSA, some important hurdles must be overcome.


E-government; ICT; Logistics sector; Ministry of transport; Transformation; Vision 2030

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijict.v12i2.pp180-187


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