Smart portable system for monitoring vibration based on the Raspberry Pi microcomputer and the MEMS accelerometer

Hajar Baghdadi, Karim Rhofir, Mohamed Lamhamdi


In this work, an internet of things (IoT) sensing and monitoring box has been developed. The proposed low-cost system is a portable device for smart buildings to measure vibrations, monitor, and control noise caused by the industrial machines. We will present an instrument and a method to measure the vibration and tilt of a mechanical system (air conditioner). The primary goal is to create a signal acquisition and monitoring system that is both user-friendly and affordable, while also delivering exceptional precision. The key concept is centered around acquiring and processing signals through the Raspberry Pi. We will use for the first time as an application, which does not exist before, a conversion method to control and monitor remotely the noise generated by the machines. Once the noise reaches a high value or the air conditioner is too much tilted, the system sends an alert in the form of an email. We will use the Python language to acquire and process the signal and send the alerts. The proposed approach is straightforward to implement, and the obtained results demonstrate a high level of accuracy that is consistent with the existing literature.


Accelerometer; Internet of things; Micro electro mechanical systems; Monitoring

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