Electronic doorbell system using keypad and GSM

O. A. Simon, U. I. Bature, K. I. Jahun, N. M. Tahir


In our homes or offices, security has been a vital issue. Control of home security system remotely always offers huge advantages like the arming or disarming of the alarms, video monitoring, and energy management control apart from safeguarding the home free up intruders. Considering the oldest simple methods of security that is the mechanical lock system that has a key as the authentication element, then an upgrade to a universal type, and now unique codes for the lock. The recent advancement in the communication system has brought the tremendous application of communication gadgets into our various areas of life. This work is a real-time smart doorbell notification system for home Security as opposes of the traditional security methods, it is composed of the doorbell interfaced with GSM Module, a GSM module would be triggered to send an SMS to the house owner by pressing the doorbell, the owner will respond to the guest by pressing a button to open the door, otherwise, a message would be displayed to the guest for appropriate action. Then, the keypad is provided for an authorized person for the provision of password for door unlocking, if multiple wrong password attempts were made to unlock, a message of burglary attempt would be sent to the house owner for prompt action. The main benefit of this system is the uniqueness of the incorporation of the password and messaging systems which denies access to any unauthorized personality and owner's awareness method.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijict.v9i3.pp212-220


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