Performance & grading Pattern of serving low-priced Airlines

Anil Bikas Kumar Chowdhury


Objective:    To establish a resolution on the accomplishment of the economical airways with a view to help the aviation industry in framing strategies about such airlines.

Methodology - Data have been procured from DGCA, India website. Here, the yearly data of each of the airlines have been utilized. The duration of sampling includes six years 2006-07 to 2011-12 taken for the purpose of classification of operating economical airlines in India. The empirical analysis has been performed on the basis of Discriminant Analysis (DA) using SPSS version 16.0.

Findings - The model has classified 22 (87.5%) cases accurately out of 24 cases which is considerably large; hence, the model can be justified as a sound one.

Impact - The work will help one perceive the key areas of strength and accordingly frame feasible strategies in order to improve performance.

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